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Covering Grounds: Lake Malawi

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

~ “Time spent too short in one destination is better than having spent no time at all.” ~

   My trips to Malawi always feel too short. I can stay for 2 months or 2 weeks, and the time just chooses to fly by. It’s as though the days are shorter in Malawi! But I suppose that happens with places that are home for you wherein you ache to stay longer. On my last night, as I finished off packing, I reflected back on my short stay at home, hoping for that night to never end so I’d never have to leave. Oh wishful thinking. This trip of mine I’d only had the opportunity to visit the Lake, which is always a must visit and a favorite photography spot of mine! Therefore I shouldn’t be complaining either to be honest.

   I remember back at Auckland I met a security staff member who was screening my bags and asked me where I was traveling. In my excitement to go home 3 weeks ago, I grinned and said Malawi, before realizing that not many people have heard of this small country in South Central Africa, therefore to quickly follow on and hastily mention where it was located. As his eyes widened in surprise, he laughed back at me to say he was South African and knew exactly where Malawi was, leaving us to have a further 5 minute conversation on Malawi and its beauty (his personal favorite being the lake as well). The world indeed is a small place. 🙂

   Salima and Mangochi were my two short visits during this stay of mine. Our one and a half journey to Salima; we were met with an empty beach to ourselves and the cool breeze for company. I slept that night with the sounds of the waves gently lapping against the shore, with this particular lake trip hardly spanning over several hours. Unfortunately.


I can still feel the warm sun on my skin, (which I will miss dearly) and the hot sand burning my feet as I spend too long on one spot trying to capture the right photograph. #Photographerproblems *half smiles*

   I can go on about the Lake Malawi, but let me try to keep this as short as I can, which brings me to my second short trip. A ladies only trip, no kids and no men! A treat for the mothers, (except for mine I suppose, since I was still there! :P) and for me a technology-free trip, as I purposely left all my electronic devices behind, excluding my personal darling of course. My camera. The lack of technology for 2 days truly was refreshing for me personally, but that’s a story that’s unimportant for now. All I remember is the overcast sky over the gleaming lake, and another similarly sparse beach for us. For me it was the perfect photography opportunity. Sunsets and sunrises with the combination with the Lake Malawi and its clouds, and you will not find another happier girl. 🙂 That and the brilliant food at The Makokola Retreat of course. 🙂


Sunsets and sunrises are a personal favorite of mine, as many would have understood by now.

   This 3 hour drive from home was hardly felt with us ladies chattering away and the music to keep us company. Not to forget to mention the scenic drive to the Lake! Would love to do it again… Oh well, that’s for another day, another travel, another excuse to come home. Not that I need one of course.


On a clearer day the escarpment view would have been able to show us a horizon with the lake at the edge.

   I will return to Malawi, as always, since a part of me is always waiting back home. My friends constantly mention how happy I sound when I’m home, and its true – nothing beats it. So with despondence I type this out at Johannesburg airport, with my wait to travel to my next destination at Perth, where my friend waits for me. Till next time, Malawi! I will be back.

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