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Define You

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

How are we defined?


Take a step back, watch the blur of the rat race in their element.

We are defined by those judging us. 


We are defined by the clothes we wear; the makeup we adorn to highlight our natural features – let’s cover all those blemishes. 

We are defined by the perfect flip of our hair, the suave smile and innocent raise of eyebrows to practice for the next hookup.

We are defined by our bodies, not too slim, not too fat – let’s keep it just right. 

We are defined by the bag we carry; hang it off our elbow as our next trophy.

Nails in perfect order, lips lined and ready for the next selfie, body waxed and clean of all extra hair.

Ready? Time to be “fashionably late”. 


We are defined by the amount of alcohol we drink, the sexiness of being able to down that tenth shot as our liver clashes against our brain – just another drink, let’s keep this high. 

We are defined by the puff of air that leaves your mouth as you close your eyes – still cool isn’t this? 

We are defined by our social skills; faux talk and more alcohol as you inch closer together – another night of physical allure. 

We are defined by the next day; leave the house and pretend to be disinterested – don’t reply, let’s keep them hanging. 






We are defined by our job, the money in our bank account  – we need this for the next night out or trip away.

We are defined by the photographs we keep on Instagram – time to show the world you’re you’re having the time of your life. 

We are defined by the filters we mask ourselves with.

We are defined by the number of likes, number of followers – the dopamine rush of getting a text, a like, a request – oh dear god please don’t let this end. 


It ends.


New post. New story – #BestSomething.



We are defined by the smartphone we carry, the car we drive, our job position.

We are defined by our knowledge, our degree, our standing in society.

We are defined by our strive for perfection in this imperfect world.

We are defined by being different and by being the same.


Take a step forward, join the rat race.

We are the ones judging everyone. 


How are you defined?

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