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Did You Know These 7 Things About Wonder Woman?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.” ~ Mildred B. Vermont

   Everyone knows Wonder Woman right? She’s the famous fictional character, known as Diana Prince, from DC Comics! However, I actually wasn’t talking about that Wonder Woman – I was talking about your Mother. Read on as I describe to you the 7 traits of this Wonder Woman. 🙂

   Although I don’t usually celebrate Mother’s Day in May, since I’m in New Zealand and not in Malawi (where its usually celebrated in October), I’ve been seeing a lot of flyers, cards, and sentimental thoughts for Mother’s Day – which is on the 8th of May in this part of the world. So I felt inspired to write something in relation to it.

   I can honestly say that while growing up, although I was extremely attached to my parents, I had my fair share of attachments to my non-parents who I loved equally amongst relatives and family friends (not naming, but you’ll know who you are 🙂 ). Knowing that if I’m not going to get that fruit juice from Mum because she knows its unhealthy for me – that’s okay! I’m just going to toddle over to my Uncle, because I know he’ll give it to me. 🙂 I was probably a very manipulative child to be honest, looking back.

   Nonetheless whilst growing up, I believe my Mother was a fairly lenient woman – I was very lucky – I got to play as much as I wanted, not eat my food, and watch a lot of TV. What more could I ask for? Well, teenage years hit, and obviously I am as rebellious as any teenage daughter can be;  we’ve fought, a lot! I’ve hurt her, and I know it happens one time too often. However, through all this – our fair share of horrible fights and my outbursts, as well as her protectiveness and urge to love me selflessly (and selfishly); She Is My Mother. So yes, future sister-in-law, chances are I will be a tad bit possessive of her (even if I choose not to show it, be warned). Also, since I’ve moved to New Zealand, perhaps its the perception of distance (despite having Whatsapp and Skype), I find myself becoming unexpectedly closer to my Mother, and missing her of course.

   This isn’t a write-up to impress anyone, or to tell my Mother I love her. I hope she knows how much I do love her, as a blog doesn’t need to express that. I can call her up or show her in any other form my attachment towards her. So no, do not misunderstand, I do not want a new phone or new laptop, this isn’t a buttering scheme dedicated in a manipulative manner towards my Mother, but a blog dedicated to all you lovely Mother’s out there! On Mother’s Day, I’d like to write on behalf all the people I know who are truly grateful for all you lovely Mother’s. At the age of 22, I genuinely am beginning to realise the words expressed in the above quote.

   I’m going to hear about this later from my Dad . 😛 And my Mum too of course. *braces self for lecture*.

   Anyway here are the 7 things about “Wonder Mother” that everyone can relate to!

  1. Food. My Mum is an exceptional cook. And cooking for myself in New Zealand is painfully frustrating – home-cooked food is something you honestly do miss! For those of you who haven’t moved out of home yet and your Mother is an exceptional cook, you WILL miss the food. Trust me on that.

  2. Selflessness. Do you remember the time when you wanted the last bowl of dessert, and you’d fight with your sibling/Dad about it, as to who got the biggest share? Well, chances are your Mother “didn’t want” any of that dessert, and she will give that last portion to you. That’s how selfless she is.

  3. Boys. So this is specific to daughters. The protectiveness that exists when you want to go out with a guy. In some cases – she’s been there, done that. And she’s scared for you because of how our world has gotten so horribly dangerous. That’s pure love, hidden beneath the blankets of concern. (I am going to hear a fair many arguments about this).

  4. Photographs. 😛 *Sighs* No offence Mum’s, but sometimes the photos don’t always come out the way we want it to. Do you remember her trying to take a photo of you and it didn’t come out the way you wanted it to? You got annoyed, because you looked really good that day! But she’s new to it, and she did try.

  5. Dad. So remember that time you wanted to go on that trip/buy something new/go out for dinner, but you need to ask Dad? And chances are your Mum said that she will sort it out? Well believe you me on that, if your Mum says she’ll sort it out and help you, she will. Because no one knows the Dad as well as the Mum does. 😉

  6. The Memory of an Elephant. Now my Mum will deny me on this, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I will not be able to find something, will have searched for it for an hour, and will yell out to my Mum about how I can’t find it. In the next 5 minutes that item will be in front of my very own eyes. How often has this happened to you my dear readers?

  7. Strength. Of course you’ve seen your Mother cry when you say goodbye, or scold you when you break something. But there are so many situations wherein she is the strength of the family – without her the family is incomplete, and no home is a home, but simply a house without your Mother.

(My beautiful Mother, USA, 2012)

And there’s a whole list more – I’m sure of it! But I don’t want to make this too lengthy, and get too many tears out. Also, this whole writing isn’t to say that your Mother and you won’t have another set of fair share of arguments – of course it will happen. Fights simply show that you care. At the end of the day though, she is your Mother and she loves you. She puts the family first at all times. And as children I believe we take that for granted. Sometimes as husbands too. So go call up your Mother/the Wifey, or give her a hug – tell her you love her! A small act which will create a whole load of warm emotions. 🙂 Also, the next time you want to do something that YOU want to do? Well, maybe do something with your Mum – which SHE wants to do. Chances are she’s been unheard for the past God-Knows-How-Many-Years.

   Disclaimer: I don’t want to hear appreciations to my Mother or I, about how great of a daughter she has because I wrote something for her on Mother’s Day (although please don’t take a U-turn to me and say I’m a horrible daughter in mockery!). This is purely a tribute to my Mother, and all Mother’s out there. You are truly the best. I’m sorry that we don’t tell you often enough how much we love you. ❤ Also, here’s a small idea – share/comment on this blog with one thing I missed out on why YOU love your Mother. Spread the love. Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

   Please feel free to like, share, and comment below on any other thoughts.

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