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On The Bright Deed of Things

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” –  Mark Twain

   Humanity. Kindness. Sincerity. It exists. Of course it does. The media overhypes things, the world isn’t that bad… Is it? Yet, how many of us have had that one day, when things seem to be going completely wrong… You know that day? Your car breaks down, you need to get to work, can’t hail a cab, miss the bus – and on top of all that, your morning coffee’s gone cold. Because what’s worse than a cup of cold coffee to start your day? However… As you stand in bitterness, there’s that moment in time, just a split minute out of the blue! – Where someone is actually nice to you? For example, the person at the next coffee shop notices your bad mood, and says to you, with a warm and sunny smile, “Darling, you look like you’re having just a horrid day. I’m going to let your coffee be on the house.” I mean, how nice is that?

   Skeptics, this doesn’t happen all the time I know that. But that’s the whole point of this write-up of mine, humanity – it exists.

   Nice people, the good and warm-hearted, they are there! YOU could be that person. To help, without expecting anything in return. To smile, because someone else needs that on their drab day. To love, just utterly unconditionally. These are fundamentally known as nice things to do, but not everyone does it. And the list of things that can be done are endless of course. World Kindness Day for example is on the 13th of November, where you spread kindness, instead of hate. And I’m not blaming someone if they’re having a rough day and can’t help but be snide. The issue that I have, is when someone is constantly kind, and that’s taken for granted.

   This happens in all kinds of relationships. I’ve seen it happen in friendships, romantic relationships, families, at work. A despondent fact that exists in the very world we live in today. The taking advantage of the kinder humans who desire to play their part in being human. Why does it happen? Why do friends take advantage of the more wholesome and sweet soul within the group? Why does the partner take for granted all the delightful things that their other half does for them? Why do families misunderstand, or rather, not appreciate the lovely things that are completed on their behalf? And I don’t mean the grand gestures! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be considerate, that’s the best part. It comes from within the heart, and being nice doesn’t cost you. Sometimes its the little things that can really go the extra mile.

   The other consideration to be known is that its not even “taking advantage” of a certain being. It can go even further into emotional manipulation, because you know the other person is sweet enough to tolerate that sort of behaviour or action. In some situations people don’t even realise that they’re being emotional manipulated, or even the other extreme, where people don’t realise they are conducting the act of emotional manipulation! This is when you ask for too much, and give nothing in return, or you know how someone will act, and therefore use that for your own wishes. Why? Doesn’t that just demean one’s self-worth?

    Straightforwardness can be difficult to find in this world. In fact, some would recommend that you don’t be straightforward, and you should be smart to survive in this world! I agree, you should be smart, but not cunning to the point that you hurt someone else in the process for your own gains. There is very little justification that can prove that to be okay. So what do you do then? If you are that person, and you know you are taken advantage of quite frequently – what can you do? Because let’s face it, no one wants to be on the taken for advantage party, its a lonely one. That doesn’t mean to change and harden the heart, because that just makes you equally unkind as the other people out there. But do you need that indifferent heart to survive in this world? Oh darling, no you don’t – kindness can go a long way too when used right.

   My suggestion? Kindness and love is never finite and can always and only be flourished amongst others; that’s the beauty of it. But know your tolerance limits, and tread with caution. Tolerance for knowing when someone is crossing the line so that you keep your dignity intact, and treading with caution, because not everyone could be as simple and sweet as you. 🙂 But never lose that humanity in you, that charm that can be your ticket to being remembered. The world tries to carve everyone to become like robots, responding and acting in a certain way – but the truth is everyone out there is so different, and that humanity must not be stripped away from you.

   Spread a little love, a little kindness, a little laughter. Seek through the darkness for some of this if you’re going through a tough time. Make someone else’s day, you’ll be surprised at how it makes you feel too. 🙂 Please feel free to let me know of an act which YOU remember that someone has said to you, which has just made you feel a little bit better on those all-too-known bad days.

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