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What’s Your Appetite For Life? (Mine’s Red Velvet Cake!)

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

“There is no passion to be found in playing small—in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela

   Life is filled with sour days, and a handful of sweet ones. Disregarding food for a moment (as much as we love it and need it to survive), lets consider what could be your appetite for life. Several of my friends and I are going through the phase of post-college depression (said to an extreme of course), wherein everything seems just not as enjoyable as those university days – with the incessant socialisation, canteen conversations and spontaneous beach trips. Now is the time where you go through the difficult phase of trying to find a job – and after having finally found one, you may even find out you don’t like it. Either your boss doesn’t like you, your colleagues badmouth you all the time, or there’s that creep from work who won’t stop hitting on you. Or maybe all of it together! Plus, first jobs don’t always pay that well, and even if you don’t work for money, you need a bare minimum if you wish to be independent from your parents for financial stability. Although we can also consider the opposite aspect, and for those of you who are blessed to pursue what you’re passionate at, let me just tell you as a soul-seeking human being, it really is a plus point.

   Did you know that research suggests that almost 50% of the employee workforce across the globe are dissatisfied with their job, and that varies from country to country. 50%?! In a family of 4, thats you and your Mother unhappy at being child and Mother (for the purpose of an example). Imagine that? Envision – for the rest of your life, being unhappy with the very fundamental of what you do. Interestingly enough though, the USA falls highly on that scale, with more discontentment across job profiles, and India falling surprisingly low on the same (Harjani, 2013). Although I don’t know why I expected the opposite, in this aspect one would have to contemplate the diversity in those cultures and what individuals would define as “job satisfaction” in their respective cultures.

   But lets keep take up the next option – so you don’t have to get a job, why not do your Masters instead? Or get married! (I’m NOT going to start up on that topic actually). Because chances are that a Masters degree will allow you to in future get a job, right?  Check out this link for further research on that specific topic though. Also judging from literary conversations, your Masters done without work experience could leave you going through a quarterly life crisis finding that, oh wait! – I don’t think I want to be in XYZ field anymore. So now you’ve spent all that money on something you find that you don’t want to do either.

   However consider following your passion, for example, imagine if you were a photographer. That would make a great icebreaker for a conversation – or possibly disapproving whisperings from the unnecessary concerns of our society. However right now, that’s not important. We’re talking about the importance of YOU. Filter out the negative vibes that come your way, and allow for the positive thoughts to urge you to be the best at what you desire to achieve.


   So now what? Go back and do your undergraduate degree again? That’s not possible. You need to have been settled down, ready for marriage, and healthy enough to have kids by a certain age (24/25 for a girl, and 28/29 for a guy, although this also varies from culture to culture). You don’t have the time to think about pursuing something less conventional and more suited to your interests.

   Please note the sarcasm.

   Listen to me clearly, or rather, read what I have to say: Of course you have time to think about what you want to do with your life. What’s the rush? The phrase, “Take time to stop and smell the roses” isn’t just because roses smell nice, its because you shouldn’t be whizzing through life! You’re alive today, you should be living your life and following your aspirations. You can’t plan for tomorrow, and life doesn’t end tomorrow. Take it like this: just know and accept that this is what I want to do – I will give it my best, no regrets. Whether that’s photography, writing, teaching, or something else considered unconventional. Maybe not even unorthodox – but just different. You shouldn’t feel pressurised to do something because society believes its the best job out there, or because it’ll give you more marital exposure  – remember that: you’re the one who has to get out of bed in order to work everyday at this job!

   So many articles gush about following your passion, and having that as your energy to drive you to do the best you can at your job everyday – and that’s how it should be. Unfortunately (and I don’t want to have to bring a dampen on this motivational disquisition of mine) what these articles may not always describe is that its not only difficult, but terrifying. Its arduous and its just daunting. Its worrying to not have a routine and secure job, versus your unconventional choice of one perhaps. The challenge of that is what should push you to do what you dream to do. 

   If nothing at all, if you don’t wish to have this appetite for life wherein you have a diverse plate of food, then you should always have an appetite for red velvet cake! Because lets face it, everything is always a little better with some red velvet cake. 🙂


   Note: This post is dedicated to my best friend who is currently not pursuing their passion and I believe should, because if they don’t, I believe they may look back when they’re 30 and say, “Hey, so I suppose I did squander all these years in this 9-5 office job I never really enjoyed…” Also, an inspiring movie to watch in case you’re having a lack of incentive for life is ‘Eat Pray Love’ starring Julia Roberts – a real uplifting watch!

   2nd Note: The Native Americans used the concept of a dreamcatcher to have hung beside children’s beds to filter out the bad dreams that would come, and allow for happy ones – which I just find quite fascinating. Click on the link to read more about it!

   Do let me know your thoughts on this one – and feel free to comment and share your thoughts, as well as what your passions are! So where does your appetite for life come from? 🙂

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